Must-haves & To Do's for your vacation!

With summer quickly approaching, start your vacation planning

with making a list of your must-haves. Whether this is your first

trip, or you are a seasoned traveler, make every attempt to

project what will be needed, and what you need to do.


  • Choose the right travel bag - Backpack, Duffel Bag, Rolling Luggage

  • Personal Essentials - Hair & Body Products, Shaving Kit, Toothpaste/Brush

  • Medical - Bandaids, Headache Reliever, Sun Screen, Personal Prescriptions

  • Important Documents - Passport, Insurance Card, Reservation Itinerary

  • Prepare Your Home - Stop deliveries, Unplug appliances, leave info with a friend


Your strategy might be to unplug, but pack the mobile devices, chargers and adapters. You probably will still need them to find a location or read a review. Set boundaries for phones and don't let your phone ruin your vacation.