Road Trip Ready Best ways to organize your trunk for travel.

Road Trip Ready Best ways to organize your trunk for travel.

Nowadays, our cars can look like we live in them. Shuttling kids to activities, eating on the run, errands, and various other things, we can accumulate a lot of stuff in our vehicles. Suppose you are preparing for a road trip. Planning your adventure, where to stay, what to pack. All the challenges that go along with your time away from home. Traveling in your car can be quite daunting. Taking the necessary steps to make your trip as easy as possible will help the trip be a memorable one.

One item you should always have in your trunk is a Trunk TrapperTM. A trunk storage bag that will help with organizing your trunk, and it will serve you with multiple uses. First, its size is large, and will hold a variety of items. If you are  heading to the beach, fill it with beach chairs, small beach umbrellas, towels, beach blankets, sand toys and more. If camping is your thing, pack it with camping equipment, boots, flashlights, and blankets. Finally, maybe you are looking for a weekend experience. Pack up the games and toys, an extra jacket, a backpack, and even extra tote bags for shopping at festivals and markets. Best of all, the Trunk TrapperTM comes in four colors and is foldable. It not only makes for a great addition to the interior, but it will also fold up and won’t take up space.


Trash Bin

Your trunk can fill up easily, so planning is very important. Along with using your Trunk TrapperTM to hold all the needed travel equipment, its best to consider other travel accessories that will help your travel run smoothly. Give thought to bringing a car trash bin to hold your trash. Many times, empty soda bottles, juice boxes, wrappers and other things end up on the floor. Leaving a mess in the interior. Trunk TrapperTM offers a large Trash Bin which can be attached in various locations. It will keep the inside of your vehicle free of trash. Simply empty the tras each time you stop to fill up for gas. You can also opt to use your Bin to keep drinks cold, with the bin lined and insulated and with mess pockets on the outside, you can hold cold drinks on the inside, and use the outside mesh pockets to hold what you are currently drinking, avoiding spills. It is just one of the new travel accessories available from Trunk TrapperTM.



Don’t forget to bring one of our best insulated travel mugs. With a variety to choose from, they will keep your coffee hot, your juice cold, and fit easily into your drink holder. Use it along the way to refill it with your favorite drink. No need to throw away another plastic container. We encourage our customers to purchase items that can be reused, rather than purchasing items that will just end up in a trash can. These travel accessories are a must have on your trip gear list.


Families involved in outdoor activities during their travels can save time if they bring along a backpack to hold all their different supplies. Sort and organize what you are bringing. Maybe each person might need their own, so take along the travel accessories bags to hold everything that is necessary. At, you can find great products for both adults and kids alike. The new bungee travel bags are in colors kids will love. Parents will enjoy the freedom of everyone having their own bags.

Finally, here are a few items you should always keep in your vehicle for unexpected emergencies. Include a flashlight, jumper cables, first-aid kit and a blanket or two. You may also want to keep a roll of paper towels, a small supply of tissues and some bottled water.

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