At TrunkTrapper® we come together as a business and a family! 

Originally from New Jersey, we collectively relocated to warmer weather and a different standard of living. 

As a family of 12, with 6 children, 5 that are aged 7-11 and one newborn, we love the outdoors. We often find ourselves at the beach, sporting events or camping. One day while visiting Clearwater, Florida, our Dad found that after a day on the beach, all those sandy beach chairs, towels and sand toys were thrown into the trunk. Upon his return, and unpacking, he found a sandy mess on the carpet of the trunk. "We've got to find something that we can put all this stuff in and keep it contained. That way when we arrive home, it doesn't take a couple of hours trying to get the sand out of the carpet". After much research, we found that such a product didn't exist. And so the "Trunk Trapper®" was born.

We spent a great deal of time developing our product. Working our way through dozens of material samples and designs. Our final prototype was sewn by our mom before sending to our manufacturer for production. When our first shipment arrived, we knew we had accomplished something great. And we did it as a family. We hold a patent on the Trunk Trapper® and the trademark names of Trunk Trapper ® and Beach Trapper ®. 

It is with a heavy heart to share our father passed away at the age of 63, only a few months prior to officially launching our brand. It is with love for him and our determination that we strive everyday to be successful, as a family and as a business. With the grace of God, we know we can.

Our product was developed out of our need to protect our vehicle and keep it clean during all of our family adventures! 

Purposely designed for any lifestyle, we are proud of our product. Take TrunkTrapper™ on your next adventure, never go anywhere without it!