Score Big with Kids’ Sports and Camping: A Car Trunk Organizer Guide

Score Big with Kids’ Sports and Camping: A Car Trunk Organizer Guide

Your vehicle may be your second biggest investment. Keeping it free from bumps and dings will help hold  its resale value. But what about the interior? If you pride yourself on having a well-kept car, your trunk  may often be another matter. Most of the time, it becomes ground zero for “everything else”. Whether  it’s dirty kids’ sports equipment, landscaping bags of mulch, camping gear, or just a collection of stuff,  the trunk becomes a mess and you have lost control. 

Instead of letting your trunk become cluttered, start by assessing the everyday from the not as often. If  you find yourself regularly running kids to sports practices, their equipment often comes back dirty.  Cleats, balls, helmets, and uniforms placed in the trunk will leave your carpet soiled. Anything in the  trunk will get grimy as well. 

A must-have is a car trunk organizer. It’s essential to keep your car tidy and organized. A car trunk accessories  that you may not be on your next shopping list, it should be. The best SUV trunk organizer is the Trunk  Trapper®. This large trunk car organizer is made of quality denier polyester. Durable and tear resistant, it  ought to be part of your car trunk accessories.  

There is a wide variety of car organizers on the market today. Many are boxy with dividers. Some can  hang on the back of the rear seat. Most do not offer a top which can keep your items contained. The  Trunk Trapper® offers a solution for most. If your next trip is a fishing or camping adventure, its large size  can hold camping gear, flashlights, and blankets. Maybe you find that most trunk organizers are too small 

for all your grocery bags after a ride to the store. This car trunk organizer is large enough to hold a lot of  bags. Bottles, fruit, cereal boxes, soda bottles, and more will not roll around your trunk. Groceries are a  huge expense, and nothing worse than unpacking your trunk and finding damaged food products. With  

the Trunk Trapper®, this car seat storage bag closes securely, keeping everything contained. It now offers  extenders, to allow for larger storage, while keeping it closed. 

In addition, the Trunk Trapper®, a patented product, was specifically designed for multi and everyday  use. It’s easy to use and foldable. Just open the storage bag with its design to cover your bumper to  protect it while packing and unloading. Priced very reasonably, it is an accessory that your car, SUV,  Minivan or truck needs.

Keep in mind that organization in your vehicle will make for a more tolerable adventure. Whether it’s a drive down the street or across the state, plan ahead and keep the chaos in control. A car seat  caddy and  interior trash bin will help with inside. A car  trunk organizer with large capacity and the ability to close will  help keep everything contained. Knowing your needs will help guide your purchase of the best for you

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