Trunk Organizing Ideas for Your Kids’ Sports Equipment

Trunk Organizing Ideas for Your Kids’ Sports Equipment

Summer is over, and kids are heading back to school. That means sports activities are starting up. Getting  kids from here to there, along with all their equipment can be a hassle for any parent. Team mom and  dads have additional things to bring. They have drinks, snacks, coolers, and everything else you can think  of. Remembering it all, along with making sure to be on time is stressful enough. So, let’s talk about  being organized and getting from chaos to control.  

If your trunk is a mess with no plan, we want to discuss with you the importance of having a trunk  accessory every person needs. Consider the Trunk Trapper®, a collapsible trunk organizer storage bag.  Made of durable 900 denier polyester, the large capacity and durability is a must-have for every adult  who enjoys an active lifestyle. Let’s discuss what organizing ideas we have and how you can benefit from  them.

As you might expect, there are a wide variety of trunk organizers on the market today. Most are  designed with compartments to hold a small number of items. Many do not have a way to close them  and keep their items secured during transportation. Finally, some are advertised with a non-slip bottom  to keep the trunk organizer in place. These types of storage organizers might work if your trunk only is  used for holding a few grocery bags, a pair of sneakers or some tennis balls. Here are some suggestions  for prioritizing your needs, and why the Trunk Trapper® is a trunk organizer that will meet your  requirements. With its large capacity and secure hooks for closing, 

With falls sports in full swing, your kids will have uniforms, equipment, sneakers/cleats, and balls. Most  trunk organizing options can’t hold all those pieces. They are just too small. What about when their  practice or game ends? Those same things don’t come back in the same condition they started in. Sports  equipment and uniforms are dirty, maybe even muddied. That regular trunk organizer won’t be the  answer. So, what are your options? Consider the Trunk Trapper®. Its large size allows for loading all the  things that would normally be put right in your trunk. The carpet gets dirty and cleaning up can be  daunting. With this trunk organizer, the trunk storage keeps everything from rolling around. It even  offers an extender. It allows additional or larger items and secures the closure of the storage bag. When  you arrive at your destination, open and unpack. When your things are messy, you can unload, but then  shake out the dirt. Rinse out if necessary, hang to dry and fold it up for next time. 

Whether you have a car, minivan, SUV or truck, take your chaos to control. It’s a practical idea.


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